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Why Communitas?

Serving a population of 2 million in London and the south east of England, Communitas Clinics has built its reputation on the delivery of high-quality services, patient satisfaction, low waiting times and exceptional value for money.

To be the UK’s most respected provider of community services by providing a stunningly positive customer experience to our patients, their GPs and our Commissioners.

Communitas Clinics provides high quality clinical services. These are delivered through highly rationalised and efficient administrative processes which are
accurately measured to provide clear visibility of performance.
The organisation is a patient centric organisation, with our clinical services delivered by an efficient and highly motivated team. Motivation is maintained in a highly supportive environment where key team members have ownership of the services they provide.

We maintain good, regular and helpful communications with all of our stakeholders, who include:

  • Patients
  • Commissioners
  • GPs
  • Secondary care providers
  • Service Clinicians/ Staff
  • Shareholders

High standards of corporate governance are maintained by following the principles of
openness, fairness and transparency. These high standards promote and protect the
company’s reputation.

Five values govern every decision or action we make.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Empathy for our patients and our colleagues. Humility and honesty underpin our approach to everything. We understand how what we think, say and do impacts on others.
  • Positivity: Solution-focused; recognising opportunities as they arise
  • .Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions in an open and transparent way. Every member of our team understands what they need to deliver to ensure the patient always receives the best possible clinical experience.
  • Data Orientated: We use data systems to manage evidence-based outcomes and decisions. This ensures everything we do is validated.
  • Continuous Learning: We drive our own development and that of our teams to make the most of every learning opportunity. We work to improve our performance with a focus upon development to achieve both our work and life goals.

By offering accessible services provided by highly qualified clinicians our expert nursing and administration team is able to involve patients in their treatment plans and empower them to manage their own conditions, resulting in successful outcomes for patients, commissioners and referring GPs. Our objective is to manage medical conditions efficiently, improving patient access to the right treatment at the right time.

We are forward thinkers at the vanguard of change and we strongly believe that patient education is key to reducing the impact of medical conditions on our community.

Enhanced patient education delivered within our clinics empowers our patients to actively contribute to their own treatment plans, gain ownership of their condition and improve their lifestyle.

Current Managing Director, Christian Lyons, established the company in 2007 in response to the then Practice Based Commissioning agenda.

Shortly after incorporating the company, seed capital was raised from 51 Croydon GP practices. Dr. Nilu Vajpeyi is responsible for the delivery of the company’s robust Clinical Governance structure, and as her specialist interest was in Dermatology, Communitas Clinics was best placed to apply for local Dermatology contracts. Subsequently, in 2009 the company’s first Dermatology contract was awarded in Croydon.

Following the successful delivery of this contract and the company’s growing reputation for high-quality services, this initial contract was followed with another Croydon contract providing Intermediate Ear Nose and Throat services. Communitas Clinics still successfully delivers these services and has added five more intermediate Dermatology services to these contracts in Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex, Bexley, Greenwich, Barking and Dagenham and Havering and more recently, a TeleDermoscopy service in Surrey Downs

The company has built its reputation working closely with local commissioning groups, sharing our detailed data sets on referral patterns and service pathways. This detailed data is complimented with exceptional standards of Clinical Governance, which is overseen by a team of internationally renowned consultants and specialist clinicians. One of the company’s key values is to always approach our service delivery in a positive and solution focused way, ensuring patients’ and commissioners’ needs are fully met.

If you’d like to find out more about the services we provide or how you can tap into our experience and detailed data sets please feel free to call the management team on 020 8683 6734.