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Working With Us

This award-winning company truly believes that the services we provide become more valuable only when our team members become more valuable through their continuous personal and professional development.

Within a collaborative team culture that continuously strives to create a fun and positive work environment, you will be rewarded through excellent rates of pay and bonuses that recognise exceptional performance. You’ll also be rewarded by the knowledge that not only are you helping the NHS with its COVID recovery plans, reducing the wait times, but that you’ll be making a tangible difference to the quality of the care available to more than 3.8 million NHS patients.

As our services continue to grow, we’re looking for talented, caring, and fun individuals to help us build the UK’s most respected provider of community services. If this sounds like you and an environment you want to work in, email helen.rudden@nhs.net to find out about the opportunities currently available.

GPs with Extended Roles

If you are a GPwER or are looking for support in becoming a GPwER contact us now. Here’s why…

We believe Communitas is the future of dermatological provision.  We are committed to the NHS 5 Year Forward View, which focuses on the provision of the correct mix of clinical and preventative treatment in the community.

Our ambition is to create the best possible community of specialised clinicians who provide clinical treatment and pro-active management programmes to cure and prevent skin conditions.

Each of our clinics is headed up by a consultant, advising our dedicated GPwER team, and supported by specialist nurses and experienced administration staff. We’re a team with a vision and strong sense of purpose and we’re constantly on the lookout for kindred spirits who will work within our teams, stretch us and also be prepared to stretch themselves.

If you think this is you please contact Lucy McCabe, Head of Operations and HR on lucy.mccabe1@nhs.net