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For Commissioners

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Supporting our Commissioners

Communitas Clinics is an NHS provider of specialist intermediate services dedicated to helping its commissions reduce patient waiting times and the cost of commissioning these services.

By providing award-winning innovative care pathways in community settings for intermediate Ear Nose and Throat and Dermatology services we are able to provide typical patient waits of between three and four weeks. These results have been delivered by working collaboratively with other NHS providers bringing a solution-focused approach to the delivery of these services.

COVID pandemic recovery plans

In addition to these traditional intermediate services, we have recently begun providing additional support, assisting several of our commissioners with their recovery plans following the NHS’s extraordinary response to the COVID pandemic. This response has led to many secondary care patients with long waits to be seen for routine appointments that can easily be seen in our community settings. Triaging waitlists and identifying patients suitable to be seen in our clinics allows our secondary care colleagues to focus on the most complex cases best served in a hospital environment. 

This focused approach to managing patient demand:

  • Reduces pressures on secondary
  • Reduces pressure on primary care
  • Lowers wait times
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Reduces the cost of commissioning these services

Online Education Center

To assist our commissioners further Communitas Clinics also offers GPs free access to our online Educational Centre and educational events. These CPD accredited resources have been designed to assist GPs in the management of conditions helping reduce unnecessary onward referrals to secondary care.

If you would like to find out more about these educational resources or how we structure our clinics and services, please call Anna Bernard on 020 8683 6734 or email her at anna.bernard@nhs.net


We believe in close working relationships with commissioners as well as our patients and clinicians.  We are always striving to enhance and improve services, and feedback from all of our partners helps to make sure we can do this, focusing on patient care at all times.

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