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GPwER trainee programme

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Are you interested in becoming a GP with an Extended Role in Dermatology?

Would you like some help with the cost of your Diploma fees? Would you benefit from ongoing post-graduate training, observation clinics and supervised sessions so that you can continue to advance your dermatology skills after your diploma has finished?

If this sounds of interest, you would like to find out more about the Communitas Clinics Sponsored GPwER Trainee Programme please email Helen at helen.rudden@nhs.net

How does it work?

Communitas Clinics has been providing intermediate dermatology and ENT NHS services since 2009 and has over this time developed innovative training and development programmes for all serving clinicians.

These programmes focus on regular structured clinical governance meetings, regular appraisals and ongoing mentoring by experienced dermatology colleagues. In addition to these ongoing development programmes, Communitas Clinics is now offering aspiring dermatology GPwERs financial and training support.

There are a number of diplomas on offer from different universities with different syllabus requirements and course fees. Some of these course fees now exceed £10,000 which is why Communitas Clinics has developed this trainee programme to help talented GPs develop their dermatology skills.

The GPwER trainee programme

Our GPwER trainee programme allows you to choose the most suitable diploma for you whilst also providing you with up to 52 supervised sessions. These supervised sessions take place in both our intermediate community clinics and secondary care, through our affiliation with Queen Elizabeth Hospital. In these supervised clinics, you will work alongside one of our experienced clinicians.

Upon completion of your diploma, Communitas Clinics will also guarantee you paid clinical sessions and ongoing development ensuring you get to use and develop the new skills you have acquired. These paid post-diploma clinical sessions you provide in the Communitas Clinics NHS services, then contribute to the cost of the diploma fees which Communitas Clinics originally supported you with. The aim is to be as flexible as possible with these terms to encourage new GPs to apply and develop talented new GPwERs.

If you want to find out more, please email Helen at helen.rudden@nhs.net who will arrange a meeting with our clinical lead. In this meeting, you find out exactly how the programme works and how it can be tailored to suit your personal circumstances.