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Understanding the Provider Selection Regime to ensure Quality Care and Improved Commissioning

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In this blog, we explore the main changes that will be implemented by the Provider Selection Regime
and how it will empower commissioners to retain good providers for the benefit of patient care.


The Provider Selection Regime (PSR)is a strategic framework that has been set out in the Health and
Care Bill which is currently undergoing Parliamentary review.

Subject to this bill being passed in the House of Lords, PSR will introduce a new set of rules for any
relevant Authority in arranging healthcare care services in England. Set out in regulations under the
Health and Social Care Act 2022, this will replace the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and the
Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition Regulations 2013. To support statutory guidance,
learning resources will be introduced by The Department of Health and Social Care.

Under PSR, relevant authorities are classed as NHS England, Integrated Care Boards, NHS Trusts and
local or combined Authorities.

Key Changes Under the Provider Selection Regime

Streamlined Provider Selection Process

The Provider Selection Regime introduces a standardised and streamlined approach to selecting
healthcare providers. The process will ensure that commissioners can efficiently assess and select
the providers that best align with their patients’ needs and desired outcomes.

Clear decision-making circumstances to inform procurement decisions

The aim of the Provider Selection Regime is to make it easier to integrate services, enhance
collaboration in line with the formation of Integrated Care Boards, and to remove the rigidity,
bureaucracy and cost associated with current procurement regulations. It will provide a clear list of
decision-making circumstances, when each will apply, and the procurement routes and publications
required for each.

Emphasis on Quality and Outcomes

One of the major shifts introduced by the regime, is the increased emphasis on provider quality and
patient outcomes. Providers will be evaluated not only on their capacity to deliver services but also
on their track record of achieving positive results for patients. This change will foster a culture of
continuous improvement among healthcare providers.

Transparent Performance Metrics

The regime advocates the use of transparent performance metrics that will enable
commissioners to make data-driven decisions. Providers will be required to report on various
performance indicators, such as patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and adherence to best
practices. This transparency will foster accountability and will help commissioners make informed

Inclusion of Patient Feedback

Patients’ voices and experiences will play crucial role in the provider selection process. The
regime encourages the collection of patient feedback to gain insights into the quality of care
being provided. This patient-centred approach ensures that providers will be chosen based on
their ability to meet patient expectations.

Empowering Commissioners to Retain Good Providers

Recognising Continuity of Care

The Provider Selection Regime recognizes the importance of continuity of care for patients.
Commissioners will be empowered to prioritise providers who have consistently delivered high-
quality care over time. This continuity aims to minimise disruptions in patient care, contributes to
better health outcomes and avoids the resource investment and cost associated with
unnecessary competitive procurement.

Rewarding Performance

Under the new regime, commissioners will have the flexibility to allocate resources and contracts
to providers who have demonstrated exceptional performance. This proactive approach will
incentivise providers to maintain and exceed quality standards, fostering healthy competition
among providers.

Tailored Partnerships

The regime will allow commissioners to establish more tailored partnerships with providers. By
assessing providers’ strengths and aligning them with specific patient needs, commissioners will
be able to ensure that patients receive care from providers who excel in their areas of expertise.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With the availability of comprehensive performance data, commissioners will be able to make
well-informed decisions about which providers to retain. This data-driven approach will minimise
subjective biases and ensure that providers are chosen based on their ability to consistently
meet quality benchmarks


The Provider Selection Regime, once passed, will represent a transformative shift in healthcare
provider selection, placing quality, transparency, and patient outcomes at the forefront. By
embracing this framework, commissioners will be able to retain good providers who consistently
deliver exceptional care. Through streamlined processes, data-driven decisions, and patient-
focused evaluations, the regime will allow commissioners to make provider selections decisions
which result in a healthcare system that prioritises the well-being of patients and continuously
strives for excellence.

A summary of all PSR Decision making circumstances and their specific requirements can be
found here.

The Department of Health has now confirmed plans to hold Provider Selection Regime Webinars
for organisations that will be required to comply with the regime, with the opportunity to register
your interest. In the meantime, it is a matter of watch this space for statutory guidance and

If you would like more information on how to prepare ahead of PSRs implementation, including
performance indicators that should be evidenced, please reach out to our Service Development
via email at anna.bernard@nhs.net or Kieran.mchugh6@nhs.net