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Communitas Clinics Annual General Meeting

Communitas Clinics Annual General Meeting

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Our latest developments…

We are continuing to see an increase in our activity across all 3 services. We are currently offering between 650 – 700 appointment slots per month for dermatology. We are also, really excited to inform you that our ENT capacity has increased by 30% since October 2012 due to two new clinicians joining the service.

Our latest figures are:

[column col=”1/3″]

Croydon Dermatology

Our current wait time is 4 weeks
Total number of appointments available in January = 706
Total number of active GPwSI’s over the last 5 months = 8
Total number of nurses = 2
We are maintaining a 95% patient satisfaction result.
14% of referrals are either triaged back to GP’s with advice or on to secondary care.

[/column] [column col=”1/3″]

Croydon ENT

Current wait time is 2 weeks
Total number of appointments available in January = 225
Total number of Clinician’s = 3
Audiology nurse x 1
20% Increase in referrals
We are maintaining a 95% patient satisfaction result

[/column] [column col=”1/3″]

Greenwich Dermatology

Current appointment slots = 48 per month
Appointments are booked through CAB
2 Locations (target 3 locations)
4 Clinics per month


The Board has been working on Business Development and has established the following mission, vision and values. We believe in making a difference to how NHS services are delivered to patients, with that in mind we would like to share with you Croydon PBC Ltd’s Mission, Vision and Values.

[column col=”1/2″]


To make a difference to the quality of NHS services to our patients and local GPs[/column][column col=”1/2″]


To be recognised and respected by our stakeholders as an efficient provider of clinical and administrative services[/column]


  • Provide high quality clinical and administrative services
  • Offering patients the best treatment available within the service specifications
  • Offering GPs expertise and efficient delivery of administrative services
  • To be a patient centric organisation, with our clinical services delivered by efficient and highly motivated employees
  • To maintain good, regular and helpful communications with all of our stakeholders
    – Patients
    – PCT
    – GPs
    – Secondary care providers
    – Service clinicians
    – Staff
    – Shareholders
  • To develop and maintain strong clinical and corporate governance, following the principles of openness, fairness and transparency. This will allow an appropriate management of conflicts of interest as and when they arise
  • To promote and protect the company’s reputation in regards to all of the above values

The only way to improve our services is to listen to who we serve. We would like to share with you some of the comments from our patients…..

“This is a much better and more convenient experience than having to visit hospital”

“I feel relieved knowing that we may be able to help our son heal. Thank you ever so much to the Doctor. We really appreciated her time and valuable feedback on helping him”

“The service is of superior standard”