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Too Hot To Handle?

Too Hot To Handle?

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There’s something rather wonderful about waking up to blue skies and bright sunshine, but what can you do when it starts getting a little bit too hot for comfort?

In the home:

  • Open windows in the cool of the evening and use box fans and ceiling fans to promote air circulation
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed once the sun has come up
  • Use wet towels and flannels to cool down – the back of the neck and feet are good areas to cool from
  • Fill empty spray bottles with water to use for refreshing spritzes throughout the day
  • Remember pets suffer too – try providing them with a cool/wet towel or cloth to lie on

Out and about:

  • Visit public buildings with air conditioning during the hottest hours of the day if the heat becomes unbearable – try libraries, shopping centres
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine, as both of these substances can act as diuretics and promote dehydration
  • Be able to recognize the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and true heat emergencies – heat stroke, heat exhaustion.  More information is available on NHS Choices

Don’t forget to look out for older or more vulnerable people – babies and young children can find it difficult to cope with the heat, as can the over 75s and people with chronic health conditions.

Finally, wear sunscreen! The NHS recommends at least factor 15 and a minimum 4 star UVA protection. This is some beautiful weather we’re having , let’s just make sure we enjoy it safely!