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Don’t give up giving up!

Don’t give up giving up!

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Giving up smoking can seem like a mammoth task, and most people have tried several times – it takes the average quitter 12 times to give up for good! That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying – this could be your year!

No Smoking Day falls on March 14th this year, and having a set date in mind can be helpful as you start your journey to quitting. There are so many benefits to quitting – you’ll reduce your risk of serious smoking-related illnesses, save money, develop a healthier complexion and reduce harm to those around you from passive smoking.

NHS Smokefree has lots of advice and guidance on how you can quit and what help you can get from your local healthcare services – your GP or local pharmacy are always good places to start, and in some areas there are community services and advisors you can tap into.

Good luck!